We are very happy to inform that IBU KyodoKyokushin Organisation started an official cooperation with KANCHO YOSHIKAZU SUZUKI. Kancho Suzuki just started to lead his own Organisation. Kancho Misiak and Kancho Suzuki made Union between their Organisations. They will both support the events and exchange the knowledge. From this moment IBU members can participate in all events in Japan and train in Japanice dojos of Kancho Suzuki Organisation. We will also invite Kancho as a guest of honor and instructor to our seminars. Moreover Kancho Suzuki Organisation members will come to all IBU International events. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER. OSU!!!
Kancho Suzuki With Us Now❤👍💪💪💪💪💪
Developed I.B.U Kyodokyokushin

Dengan bergabung nya Kancho Yoshikazu Suzuki yang merupakan menantu Master Oyama ke I.B.U Kyodokyokushin akan semain menguatkan posisi I.B.U Kyodokyokushin dan resmi dibentuk Branch Chief I.B.U Kyodokyokushin Japan di Jepang, keberadaan I.B.U Kyodokyokushin di 52 Negara semakin eksis dan diakui saat ini oleh Kancho Yoshikazu Suzuki, beliau juga sangat mendukung dan akan mengadakan seminar resmi dengan mengundang para Branch ChieF I.B.U Kyodokyokushin seluruh dunia

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