First of all, I want to thank to The God, I am very happy to see the development of Kyodokyokushin IBU in Asia, especially in Indonesia. Extraordinary development of Kyodokyokushin IBU in Indonesia is very rapid, only in last 5 months have managed to spread in 11 Provinces (North Sumatra , South Sumatra, West Sumatra, DKI Jakarta, Banten, Central Java, Yogyakarta Yogyakarta, East Java, South Sulawesi, Bali and NTB) and with Honbu’s appointment that the Dojo Ren Ma
In Surabaya is the Asia Pacific Region Honbu Dojo. The total current IBU members have spread throughout the archipelago, I also advised all Indonesian Core Management and all Kyodokyokushin IBU members. In last time there are many slanders and expressions of hatred committed by other Kyokushin Karate Organizations from The Philippines, Singapore and from Indonesia itself (there are a few). I thank you🙏🙏 because without your attention we are also nothing, we realize that the extraordinary development of our Organization might make you sick, jealous, angry and finally you make slander and utterance of hatred that is very much imprinted on us, but it makes our spirits getting whipped up, making our young souls blazing passion to prove that we are good enough. Although it is contrary to the teachings of Sosai Oyama to respect each other respecting fellow Karate, but Thank you once again. We say to our haters, that without your hatred, we do not mean anything, but with the hatred that you spread it actually makes us more known by The world. We are increasingly love. We also understand that in life, of course, the colors become more attractive when there are many colors not just one. But that is real life, that is a fact of life that every decision must have consequences! We cannot make everyone happy. But will try to make you comfortable. We will continue to speare love and consider our haters to be friends. On this occasion, I would like to say thank you to my teacher Hanshi Silvester Sebastian 9th Dan (Creator of ASBKI Teachers Council and Also Chairmen Chief Advisor IBU Kyodokyokushin World Organisation), who always teach me how to develop my mentality. Sometimes my young soul is easy to get emotional but by Hanshi Silvester’s Teachings I always remember to stay calm. Secondly, I want to thank to Shihan Dicky Setiawan as the Country Director of IBU Indonesia who always support, every Kyodokyokushin event. Also to Shihan Fery Kristiawan, Shihan Sony Theo, Sensei Sandy Choedori, Sensei Kasiyono, Sensei Samsul Kohar, Sensei Dori, Sensei M. Sa ad, Sensei Sunarko, Sensei Lay Kiat Yong, Sensei Tertib Kena Milala, Sensei Sunarto, Sensei Eko Satrio, Sensei Arza Khusnul Walid Nicolas Petas from 🇮🇩 and all Sensei, and Senpai who I cannot mention one by one. I am deeply touched because no matter ups and downs and temptations that come to you, you are standing upright unwaveringly in the spirit of bushido.
With best regards and wishes to all of my friends
Shihan Dr.Teguh S. Utomo.
IBU KyodoKyokushin General Secretary. And President Asia Pasific Region.


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