KANCHO Maciej Misiak ( black belt in Kyokushin, Kickboxing, Ju – Jitsu Specnaz ) has began training in Tarnow (Poland) in 1994. During his practices in martial arts he was training:

  • Aikibudo
  • Aikido
  • Karate Kyokushin
  • Box
  • Kickboxing
  • Ju – Jitsu
  • Combat
  • MMA

In 2009 Kancho had decided to go to Japan and get approval for create Polish IKO Sosai Organisation. He become the youngest Branch Chief in Karate history.

Next year has brought huge success in Shihan’s fighter and coach career. He became European Open Category Champion 2010, and his Team got second place. Then, as a first Polish Fighter in history he won 3rd place in Open Kyokushin World Championships in Tokio. In the same year he organised a seminar with legendary Sosai Masutatsu Oyama grandson – Akira, and IKO Sosai leader – Kancho Suzuki.
In 2011, the Mas Oyama Memorial Cup was held in Poland. It was first time when the Memorial took place outside Japan. The same year, Maciej Misiak won 3rd place in Kata category of World Kyokushin Karate Championships. He is still the only person in the world who got medals in Kyokushin kumite and kata on World Championships.
In 2012, on account of political aspects in Kyokushin, Kancho Misiak decided to quit from this organisation and finish his Kyokushin way. At once, Kancho has started his professional Kickboxing career. After several wins many people was asking him to come back to the organisation. They were very disgruntled due to politic and money aspects in Kyokushin.
In 2012 Kancho Maciej Misiak decided to create his own Organisation – the International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin.  His Organisation is still rising. There are already Dojo Operators from all over the world. He raised many national and European Champions, he leads seminars in many countries and he trains with 200 people weekly.